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An online overview of who I am and what I do

About Me

Who I Am

I'm a young professional with a wide range of interest in the online world with a focus 
on the creative side of the internet and online marketing. 

My further interests lay with the fields of online education, online communities, gaming and the options of combining those fields of the growing online options to create and share. 
I like to create new content myself or optimize my own online projects to advance my knowledge about my fields of interest.   

Personal Objective

To integrate the knowledge and experience I gain during my activities and utilize it in helping organizations and individuals forward.


Richard Remmelink
25 years
The Netherlands

Fields of Interest

Web Design Online Optimization Content Creation Online Revenue Models Gaming


Minor Online marketing & Communication

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
September 2014 – January 2015

Many industries are being disrupted by new technologies and are facing challenges like: 'How to interact online with our target group?', 
'Which business model works online?' or 'What content are our clients looking for?'.
The minor provides insights and hands-on tools to become successful in a digital world.
At the core of the minor I wrote an online marketing & Communication plan for our client, The WTC Almere, and advice them on their online value proposition, search engine optimalisation, content strategy, search engine advertisement, email marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion, the use of mobile and the use of social media.

Small Business & Retail Management

Saxion University of Applied sciences - Bachelor Degree
April 2012 – February 2017

Small Business and Retail Management trains you to become an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial manager.
This program teaches you in various areas such as marketing, financial management, research skills, management and communication.
The training is more practical and more individually, meaning that you have your own projects focused on running a business while working on your entrepreneurial skills.
To focus my bachelor more on the online market I have chosen a minor, Online Marketing & Communication, that went deeper in the ways of working on the online market. Furthermore I have done multiple projects and activities during my study to acquire more knowledge and hands on experience with the different tools and online options.

Courses Followed

Make a Website
Codecademy - Maart 2015
Building a home page and learning the fundamentals of web development in the process.

Introduction to HTML & CSS
Codecademy - November 2014
Introduction course to get familiar with, and learn to use HTML & CSS.

How to build a Startup
Udacity - February 2013
This course covers business models, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue models, partners, resources, activities and costs.
Those segments are covert in the projects: Talk to customers, Build a business model canvas, Prototype your product and Pitch to coaches.

Bringing Theory into Practice

The best way to learn is to bring Theory into practice

Online Marketing Plan for 
The WTC Almere

During my study I followed a minor focusing on online marketing. Part of this minor was writing an online marketing and communication plan for the World Trace Center Almere.

Google Adwords 
optimization project

Adwords can result in a lot of leads but when using it incorrect it can have high costs. During this project the AdWords campaigns was taken a look at to optimize those. Other parts of online marketing were also taken a look at.

Social Media 
Optimization Project

Using social media is great, but only if you know what you are doing. This project focused on the different social media platforms that exist and which would be most benefit full for each customer segment.


All round Employee At Plus Supermarket

Plus Hans Eland
April 2007 - Present

Besides my study I work at Plus Hans Eland. Some of my tasks are: 
-Product management 
-Maintaining customer satisfaction 
-Replacing the head of the fruit and vegetables department when absent. 
Tasks under this function are sales, managing other employees making schedules and placing the orders.

Academy Council Member

Academy Business Building and Technology      
Saxion University of Applied Sciences                        
Octorber 2012 - June 2014

The academy council can influence the policy of the organization.
Here you can think of thinks like the budget of the academy, examination regulations, staff policy and student facilities.
Addition tot the right of consent, the academy council gives the director asked or unasked advice about issues that are important for teachers and students.

Intern (Online) Marketing Department

Big On Toy Innovation (BOTI)
September 2013 – December 2013

As an intern I have been working on:
The localization of packaging and product content.
Development and management of the bloggers program in collaboration with the PR agency.
Setting up and deploying an ambassador program for two products.

Professional Skills



Google Analytics

Google AdWords





Blender 3D

Photoshop (Learning)


Microsoft Office

Eager to learn

These skills don't represent a full list of my capabilities but are those that I value most in my current (professional) situation.

My own Projects

The best way to learn is to learn by doing things you like. Having a mayor interest in the online (marketing) world, gaming, content creation and the combinations between those I have set up a few projects of my own. 
The different projects have different goals but all of them combine my interest in gaming and content creation. 
At the same time I get to play around and test the different options that online marketing has to offer. 
Having hands on experience is still the best teacher, so why not make it fun where possible.

Being able to create or do something while combining your interests makes learning easier and way more fun.



Memonon is the name that I use online. Under this name I can be found in multiple different communities and games. In my spare time I make short animations, 3D rendered images, tutorials and other fun randomness. All of my creations are shared on easily linked to from here). This website is dedicated to the things I do to enjoy myself and hopefully enjoy and help some others.

Go to:


Firnezia is a Minecraft server that is open for everyone to join. The server that has been online since December 2015 is extended with multiple plugins to create a RPG styled experience. With the server also comes a website ( where players are able to find the latest information about updates and happenings and are able to get in touch with each other trough a forum.

Go to:


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information about me or my activities.
Richard Remmelink

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